A heavy weight, textured, laminate shingle can add value and long life to your roof

Let’s make a good roof even better…

A heavy weight, textured, laminate shingle can add value and long life to your roof…

It goes without saying that a shingle that weighs 80 pounds per bundle versus a shingle that weighs fifty will prevail over the long haul.

So when you’re meeting with our roofer, ask what it would cost to make the leap to a laminated, heavy-duty designer shingle, commonly known as an Architectural Shingle.

photo of a newly installed residential roof

The old 20 to 25 year shingles, called the standard 3-tab, will keep the rainwater out but here’s one of the many ways that the two styles are different. If you should ever want to sell your home, an interesting situation unfolds: the realtor will call attention to the 30 year Architectural roof, and will simply not draw notice to the 20 year 3-tab roof. And a recent study indicates that superior to almost every other home improvement, and owner will benefit in excess of the cost when installing a new Architectural shingled roof. For example, a $10,000 new roof will benefit the homeowner to the tune of over $11,000. So if you had some assistance from your Insuror in paying to replace a storm-damaged roof or similar residential roofing in Mooresville, NC,  plus the benefit of adding the value to your property, it adds up to the most profitable home improvement you can consider.

Your improved home value is only one benefit. An Architectural Shingle roof is more durable to harsh weather. Last year, we visited over 600 roofs to assess their leaks and damages. Only 24 had been built with Architectural shingles. They simply hold up better. (The big national insurance companies have even experimented in some states by requiring all replacement roofs automatically go to Architectural shingles.)

We could also mention the longer warranty. Architectural shingles have at least a 30 year warranty and you can get 40 year, 50 year, and even lifetime. (Just so you know that buying based on warranty is a bit of a red herring; there’s almost zero claims against manufacturers for warranty issues. The quality of shingles is so uniform and scientific, it’s just rare to see a factory flaw. If it was all that important, everyone would likely buy the IKO Cambridge; they don’t depreciate their warranty a near the rate the other big guys do…)

So add asset value to your home, add durability and long life, and security (and even extra sound-proofing) and add many years to your shingle warranty. Plan on going with Architectural shingles.

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