Choosing Cedar Shakes as a Siding Material

When faced with the challenge of replacing the exterior siding of your building, you might be faced with the various options that the market offers nowadays. One of the types of siding you may encounter during your search is wood siding. This type of siding is highly imitated for its looks and feel, mainly because wood offers you a timeless and classic appearance, which somehow makes you feel more secure and grounded. As a leading siding contractor in Charlotte, NC, our team at Carolina Storm Roofing urges you to do the research so you can determine the best option for your home.

image of Cedar shakes on a home

While metal and vinyl sidings are increasing in popularity, one of the variations of wood sidings still remains as one of the 

top choices when it comes to home siding. The cedar shake style siding is still highly sought by sophisticated homeowners for it provides the aesthetics they desire especially due to the rustic and irregular appearance of cedar as well as it’s affordability. It can also easily fit to specific roofing designs, especially for roof replacement projects. 

Throughout the home construction history, cedar shake siding is considered as one of the firm fixtures for a home. You may want to consider this type of siding not just because of its successful history but also because of the added protection that cedar provides for your home, especially against the harsh conditions of the outside environment.

Aside from the added protection, you may want to consider a cedar shake as your potential home exterior siding because of its durability. This natural material is known to last a significant period of time, and if properly maintained, it may even last a lifetime.

One of the reasons why some contractors like to work with cedar shake for siding is because of easy construction involved during the installation. This is likely true because cedar is a low-density softwood, which would mean that it has an open cell structure making it a relatively light wood unlike other wood materials for sidings.

You may be asking, why you should be concern about the density of this material? Well, apart from lesser burden involved during construction, the density of cedar also makes it less likely to transfer heat, keeping not just the warm air inside your home during winter, but as well as the cool air during summer.

As a general overview, you may want to consider cedar shake for home siding because of the several advantages that such material brings, such as:

  • Effective home insulation, regardless of the season
  • It blends with different home styles easily
  • It is less likely to warp or swell due to water damage, unlike other wood sidings
  • It is considered as of higher quality than other wood sidings
  • It is easy to install and work with

Disadvantages of Cedar Shake Siding

It is not a surprise the cedar shake as siding material also comes with some disadvantages. You may want to know these frailties of cedar before purchasing and installing it. You need to understand that cedar requires more diligence and maintenance, as compared to other types of siding. This would even include power washing cedar shake each year for bug, dirt, and mildew removal. Similarly, if you want to maintain the original color of this material, you will have to anticipate re-staining or re-painting jobs on a regular basis.

Now that you have been presented with the advantages and disadvantages of cedar shake as a siding material, it is up to you to evaluate its good and ugly side. When you are faced with more questions, calling professional siding contractors will definitely help address your mind’s queries. If you are in Iredell County, North Carolina, you may also contact Carolina Storm Roofing of Mooresville for siding services. Call us at (704) 709-1142; contact us today!