We work on storm-damaged homes and business properties throughout the greater Charlotte area. We are an expert Charlotte, NC roofing contractor and a highly sought roofing contractor of Mooresville, NC. Since 2004, our team has designed and installed thousands of roofs in the Carolinas. We are not “Storm-Chasers”… those are the out-of-town roofers who descend on Charlotte after a bad storm. Carolina STORM Roofing is a local company, all of our workers and managers live right here. If you need referrals of satisfied customers in your neighborhood, just give us a call.

Our specialty is dealing with the details and processing of your Insurance claims. During that process, we try to make sure that your interests are secure and well represented to the Insuror. If your property is certified as storm-damaged, your Insuror may pay for a roof replacement; other parts may also be covered like siding and gutters.

For the most part, a storm-related claim does not result in premium increases.

Only your Insuror and their field adjustors determine whether your damage is a storm loss or not. This avoids any possibility that the roofer can determine your claim’s outcome. Your Insuror alone decides.

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If in the opinion of our project managers and an expirienced roof inspector, you have sufficient storm-related damage to open an insurance claim, we will clearly spell out the process. We can open the claim with you, then we will meet with the Insuror to document what we believe is the evidence they should consider towards storm certification.Important Roof Inspection Checklist!

We are committed to your best interests by delivering exceptional care to your Insurance claims, expert installation, and using only top building products available anywhere in the U.S.


If we find storm damage such as hail or high wind loss,  we can begin the process of getting a replacement roof for you.  We always recommend looking into insurance coverage first if the damage we see looks like it may be part of the terms of your homeowners policy.

LEARN HOW WE CAN HELP YOU TO FILE YOUR INSURANCE CLAIM. Apart from insurance claims assistance, you can also rely on Carolina Storm Roofing for your roofing needs, such as roof repair, roof installation, roof replacement, and other essential roofing services you might need. Contact Us Today!