At their state-of-the-art facility opened just two years ago, they spend millions devising tests and solutions to keep perils to your home and its contents under control. They don’t always succeed.

For example, the Institute believes that higher quality shingles would go a long way towards preventing damage from most hailstorms we experience in the Carolinas. But the IBC building code does not force builders and owners to consider hail resistance when selecting a shingle. For a few dollars more per roof, billions could be saved nationwide.

Look at the map here:

hail storm damage map in Charlotte ncYou can see that the counties surrounding Charlotte, have plenty of serious storms. Perhaps not as bad as Kansas or Oklahoma, but we still get our share. Carolina Storm Roofing has seen their roof replacement business grow every year since 2004. There is something you can do to keep future roof replacements to a minimum. You may contact Carolina Storm Roofing, an expert roofing contractor in Charlotte NC as well as your residential roofing expert in Mooresville NC, Carolina Storm Roofing of Mooresville.

The average lifespan of many roofs can be as long as twenty years and some will last twice that long. But roofs in hail and windstorm prone areas must be replaced every seven years on average! That can cost you plenty!

When it’s time to replace your roof, Carolina Storm Roofing will show you several varieties in numerous attractive colors. Try to take advantage of the specials to upgrade your shingle towards one that is more resistant to hail and high wing damage.

It will save you money in several ways: will help to keep insurance premiums from increasing, will protect your home and property and a better shingle will help you avoid the out-of-pocket costs that a new roof requires of every homeowner, like your deductible and upgrade costs.

In addition to the advice from experts at Carolina Storm Roofing, ask your Insuror if your provider has any suggestions of what grade shingle to use on your replacement roof. Most national insurors will have brochures or websites with guidance on “high wind” and hail-resistant shingles. And almost all of them support the insurance research in South Carolina.

In general, a 30-year Architectural, laminated shingle will outlast a 20-year standard asphalt, 3-tab production shingle. And realtors and home designers agree, the better shingle looks much better for your “curb appeal” should you ever wish to market your home.

When it comes to roofing services and season preparation, you can count on Carolina Storm Roofing for help. Whether you need a roof repair, roof inspection, roof replacement, and other essential roofing services, you can count on us for help! Contact Us Today!