Importance of Recycling Shingles

In today’s more environmentally conscious society, recycling has become more than just a hobby. There have been many avenues through which homeowners like you could benefit from recycling disposable material just like your recyclable roof shingles. Recycling shingles have become one of the increasingly becoming popular activity of most property owners here and abroad. Instead of sending these roofing materials to the landfill, asphalt shingles are sent to asphalt shingle recyclers to be processed and be used for other purposes. Carolina Storm Roofing urges homeowners to recycle their shingles as an alternative to letting them go to the dumps. And Carolina Storm Roofing of Mooresville also has similar challenge to the property owners of Iredell County, NC. 

Since recyclable shingles comprise approximately 5 percent of the total building-related waste in the United States, it has become therefore a necessity for property owners like you to participate in decreasing such number of waste.

When you send your roof shingles to recyclers, you will not only be saving valuable resources from sending your waste material to the landfill, but you will also benefit from the reduced cost paving costs in your area. Such thing is possible because asphalt shingles may be recycled for pavement use that offsets the need for new asphalt and aggregate.

However, apart from sending the shingles to the recyclers, you may also make use of some of the shingles for your personal home improvement activities. Here are some of the avenues through which you may make use of your old and disposable recyclable shingles.

Stair Grips:

Some homeowners have been using their old roof shingles as a stair grip for their basement or cellar stairs. This is a very practical thing to do, especially that an asphalt shingle may help in adding more friction on each staircase. By simply cutting the tiles into the designated size and afterward gluing it to the stairs, you will then have a reliable stair grip.

Ceiling Tiles Inside:

Although this part here is very challenging and may require your artistic touch if properly done will definitely be beautiful. By means of the old roof shingles, you can create a lovely rustic look inside your home ceiling, such as in your bedroom’s ceiling. By carefully choosing the design and placement of each shingle, you will be able to draw out a vintage tin stamped ceiling from this recycling shingles activity.

Weed Deterrent:

If you have no problem with an added challenge on watering your plants, then you may want to use old recyclable shingles as a weed deterrent. By placing some shingles around the base of your plants or in the backyard flower bed, you will be able to prevent the weed from growing as it would be difficult from them to absorb the light from the sun. Thus, discouraging growth and infestation.

Driveway Mats:

If you don’t like to have automotive stains inside your garage or even in your driveway, then a DIY project using old roof shingles will be helpful in producing a driveway mat. A homemade driveway mat is very easy to make and use, by simply placing them underneath your car while you are working on it, a barrier in between will be created.

Now those are some of the ways on how recycling shingles may benefit you and your society. Instead of sending your old roof shingles to the landfill, you can do many things to it or even send to asphalt shingle recycler for better purposes. And for your roof replacement or roof installation concerns, you may contact us for help!