Typically Just One Day..!

Several factors influence the length of time we will be working on your roof:

The basic size of the roof.  In general we can install a roof of 40 squares in a single day, especially your roofing in Charlotte NC as well as your residential roofing Mooresville NC.  That includes absolute cleanup and the removal of the dumpster wagon.  But fast is not the only concern… we are going to guarantee your roof for a long time.  We mainly want to do your roof project correctly.

The steepness of your roof is also an important consideration.  And how high off the ground to the eaves of your roof line.  The required safety equipment and practices causes the crew to work at a slower pace.  Lifting the new materials up to a two or three story roof is not as easy as toting the shingles up on to a one story rancher.

Other concerns:
Are there any restrictions on access to the entire perimeter of the house, and your backyard?
Are there special fixtures on your roof?  And how many?  A home with one or two vents versus a home with eight or ten, and several brick chimneys.
Is it a specialty shingle that requires technical installation procedures versus a standard shingle?
Several things you can count on:  when we arrive at your home, we are coming with an experienced crew and all the necessary supplies and equipment to get the job done right.  We will not leave for another project until yours is complete, even if it means coming back the next day.  And we will do our best to impress you and your neighbors, not just with the skilled installation and high-quality new look to your home, but with the full cleanup we complete at the end of each day.

So in general your roof will take one day to complete; there are sometimes exceptional homes at which we have to return for an hour or two the following morning.  And there are roof projects that are so large and complex it has taken even longer. (We recently completed a stately home on Lake Norman in Mooresville, NC that took three days; it was a large, steep and irregular roof with an exotic and technical shingle)  And remember the daylight hours in January are much less than in July.

As a trusted Charlotte Roofing Company we can promise: we will never risk the quality of your project just to speed up the work. Whether you need immediate roof replacement, roof repair, roof installation, and other roofing services, you call us for help. Contact Us Today!