Skylight Repair 101

Apart from the gutter, roof punctures, and missing shingles, your skylight at home may also be a source of roof leak. Since the skylight is also exposed on top your roof, it may also contribute to leaks due to the water accumulating on the top portion of the skylight’s external surface. This accumulated water will eventually find its place around the edges of the installed skylight and will inevitably move towards your attic or ceiling. 

Such occurrence is made possible because of the typical setup of a skylight, as they are manufactured with their own integral metal, steel or wood flashing. If you experience skylight leaks leading to water entry in your attic or crawl spaces above the ceiling, chances are great that it might be caused by a faulty sealant between the integrated flashing and the roof. As a top rated skylight contractor in Charlotte, in order to help you fix such issue,  here are some of the basic and simple steps you may follow.


The first thing you should do when dealing with skylight leaks is to lift the shingles installed next to your skylight. While you lift them up one at a time, take time to brush out any debris or dirt that are underneath it.


Following the clearing of the area of where dirt and other debris may have been stuck, you may now proceed by using your caulking gun that is already loaded with a tube of roofing cement in order to seal potential holes or cracks that lies beneath and between the skylight and the shingles next to it. You should force the mastic up under the shingle at such meeting point and then press down on the roofing shingles to make sure that it is sealed tightly.


After you have done the process on the other parts of the skylight where it meets with the shingles, you need to seal any obvious holes. In the flashing area, you need to inspect and open each seam and joint in the flashing, as they too could cause the leak inside your home. To deal with it, you may use the roofing cement to fully seal any potential water channels.


Another portion of the skylight that should be given attention is the part where the skylight glass meets the metal or wooden frame. These portions will normally loosen over time due to harsh and ever-changing weather condition. That is why you should seal them with clear silicone caulk if you notice any signs of leak coming from it.

Those are some of the basic tips on how you may fix skylight leaks to avoid potential water damage and other issues to your living environment. On the other hand, there are also some instances that the skylight, especially those positioned in your bathroom may cause some leakage.

However, for the most part, what you may have been observing is due to condensation. Moisture may drip that causes a leak-like effect. In order to remedy such concern, you should improve the ventilation in the room. If all else fail and leaks are still observed, it would be best to call a professional contractor like Carolina Storm Roofing to help you fix the issue. We have many years of experience repairing and installing skylights in Charlotte, NC. Similarly, in Iredell County, Carolina Storm Roofing of Mooresville is also leading skylight contractor you can trust! Contact Us Today!