At CS Roofing, Siding & Gutters Company, as a BBB Accredited Contractor, we have agreed to a set of high standards in their business practices

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If a business has been accredited by the BBB, it means BBB has determined that the business meets accreditation standards, which include a commitment to make a good faith effort to resolve any consumer complaints. BBB accredited businesses pay a fee for accreditation review and monitoring for continued compliance and for support of BBB services to the public. The following BBB Accreditation Standards are reflective of that agreement. Better Business Bureau marks us as one of the highest quality roofing Charlotte NC.


Build Trust
Establish and maintain a positive track record in the marketplace.

Advertise Honestly
Adhere to established standards of advertising and selling.

Tell the Truth
Honestly represent products and services, including clear and adequate disclosures of all material terms

Be Transparent
Openly identify the nature, location and ownership of the business, and clearly disclose all policies, guarantees and procedures that bear on a customer’s decision to buy.

Honor Promises
Abide by all written and verbal representations

Be Responsive
Address marketplace disputes quickly, professionally and in good faith.

Safeguard Privacy
Protect any data collected against mishandling and fraud, collect personal information only as needed and respect the preferences of customers regarding the use of their information.

Embody Integrity
Approach all business dealings, marketplace transactions and commitments with integrity. An accredited business or organization agrees to avoid involvement by the business or its principals, in activities that reflect unfavorably on or otherwise adversely affect the public image of BBB or its accredited businesses.

Calling reputable roofing contractors for estimates is the easy part of getting a new roof. A good place to start is the Better Business Bureau website, which indicates whether businesses are accredited with the BBB.

Good roofing contractors ask you questions about your existing roof and your expectations for a new one. Reputable roofers respect your time by using their own equipment. They keep your lawn or premises clean, when they come for the estimate. Any roofing contractor who does not do these things during the estimation process is unlikely to leave a clean worksite when work finishes.

What clients say about a roofing contractor is another indication of the quality of roof you can expect. Consult trusted reviews on websites such as Angie’s List, Google+ and Yellow Pages. As your Charlotte Roofing Contractor we will provide a list of the customers that had their roofing services done by us upon request with their names, phone numbers and addresses so you can talk to them about their experience with Carolina Storm Roofing.

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