If your gutters are more of a problem than a solution, it’s time to get the cleaned.

Leaves and tree debris can black gutters once or twice a year.  If the problem is left for several years, the gutters and your house can be damaged.

The gutters perform their function best when clear of blocking debris. The gutters are not supposed to store fallen leaves for the future… and their job is not to grow weeds and trees which we have seen many times.

When you call, we will give you a price for cleaning your gutters.

When we schedule the job, we don’t send just anyone to work on your gutters.  We send experienced members of our Charlotte roofing team. Men with the ability and know-how to work on a ladder and a roof without hurting your property.  They work efficiently and completely to remove all rotting leaves, limbs and rubbish blocking your gutters and downspouts.

After the debris is removed, we clean up and remove the waste that we found decomposing in your gutters.  If you wish to have it as garden compost, simply tell us where to pile it.


But there also is another way: gutter guards.  Sure they’re more expensive than a visit by gutter cleaners but are they worth it?  Yes of course.


Many of the expensive, heavy metal fender types are great if your purpose is to see how much money you can flush away in your downspout.  But if you’re interested in keeping leaves and debris out of your existing gutters while allowing rainwater to flow freely, then the RainDrop system is the Only gutter guard your home needs.  [The fantasy that a pounding rain will drip around the edge of the expensive brand and magically hang on until it can fall into the gutter may be fine for a Seattle or London mist.]

But for the raging rain that hits Charlotte, we need the most wide open most reliable weatherproof grid available… and one without a difficult guarantee.  The manufacturer we chose for Charlotte is also the Only gutter guard that actually works in Charlotte.

The RainDrop system we are authorized to install is simply the best gutter guard ever devised. And far from the most expensive. So many of the high-end guards seem like they were designed for mists and drizzles not for the cascades that sweep across Carolina rooftops. RainDrop is made for the rigors of the Carolinas not for London or Seattle. Visit our RainDrop page and look for coupons and special that will get your house protected from leaves and debris for a third of the cost of the high end systems that just basically don’t work as well in our area.