Should You Install Metal Roofing on Flat Roof in Charlotte

The use of metal materials has been a common roofing option for most commercial and industrial properties in Charlotte for a while now. Recently, other roofing options are gaining popularity as an alternative and are replacing the use of metal roofs. But, you can still see many flat metal roofs on a number of buildings. Despite the competitive market, metal roofs are still being installed on flat roofs consistently. This is because the many advantages of metal roofing still make it a top choice for flat roofs. 

metal roofing on flat roof

Flat Roof Material Options

Before diving into all the great things about metal roofs, let’s take a look at all the major options that are commonly installed on flat roofs. Generally, there are 3 main types of materials used.


A traditional option for both commercial and residential roofs, asphalt is a durable and affordable option in the market.

Membrane Roofing

There are actually many different materials that fall under this category. A few of the common ones include EPDM, PVC, and TPO. These materials are prepared in rolls that can be easily laid out and secured on to flat roofs. 

Metal Roofing

The key point of this topic and one of the best roofing options for a flat roof is the use of metallic materials. This type of roof usually relies on a system of standing seams. 

Aside from the preferences of the property owner, there are a number of factors that have to be considered before finally setting on a specific material to use on the roof. 

When putting everything together, there are actually many reasons why metal roofs are favored against others.

Reason #1: Water-Resistant

Metal does not allow water to easily go through. The only weak spots for metal roofs are the seams which can be heavily sealed and protected to prevent any water from passing through. This is one of the underlying reasons why metal roofs are a lot better for use on low slope or flat roofs. Because these types of roofs cannot rely on the pitch to pull water down and away, there is a likelihood of water pooling. The use of a water-resistant material, such as metal, is essential in this case.

Reason #2: Rigid

In line with the high likelihood of water pooling mentioned above, the rigid structure of a metal roofs works well to actually prevent this from even happening in the first place. 

Reason #3: Better Drainage

Even when there is no pitch to allow the roof to take advantage of the effects of gravity, metal roofs are still able to integrate a good drainage system. The water on metal roofs can easily flow down to the edge to enter into the rain gutters. 

Reason #4: Wind Resistant

Metal roof materials have been tested and are designed to resist high winds, 

Reason #5: Puncture Resistant 

One of the major advantages of having a flat roof is that it is easy to walk on top, making it more convenient for homeowners, contractors, and roofers to maintain the roof. However, this means that the roofing material has to be strong enough to not be damaged by people walking atop of it. Metal roofs are successful at being resistant to wear and are also able to withstand hail and other debris.

Reason #6: Cost-Effective

Metal roofing can save you tons of cash because of the lower overall labor cost because it takes much quicker to get installed. The materials are also significantly less expensive than the other options.

Reason #7: Durable

The design and material itself, which is further protected by multiple coats protective paints, is extremely durable. On average, you can expect a metal roof to last even up to 50 years.


There are also a few cons that should be noted in regard to metal roofing on a flat roof. One of the cons is that it is a clunky material that is both heavy and difficult to work with. While installation for this type of roof may be easy, the replacement can be quite tedious as the structure is meant for more permanent usage. When needing a replacement, you’ll often have to tear away the whole roof and get an entirely new structure.

Overall, metal roofs are a durable and long-lasting option. However, there are still a few problems that come along with this material. Metal roofs are a durable, long-lasting flat roofing option, but they are not without their downfalls. Be careful to always consult a roofing Charlotte NC and consider more factors than the only cost if you are looking to replace your roof. If you have questions, you can give us a call here and we’d be glad to give you any more information you may need. If you don’t think the metal roof as a flat roof replacement is right for you, we’ve got posts on other flat roof replacement options available.


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