Standing seam and corrugated metal roofing are getting increasingly prevalent among residential, commercial, and industrial buildings in the United States since it offers a variety of different advantages while also excelling in colder and wetter climates. These roofs can also serve as a way of protecting one’s home from strong winds that might cause leaks and other forms of damage. 

Metal Roofing

The use of metal as a roofing material provides many benefits to your property. One of the main advantages is its strength and durability, which is seen in the way that metal roofs are highly capable of standing against many different weather conditions. Heavy rains slide down and dry off easily on most metal roofs; the snow melts away and slides down just as easily as water, and metal roofs are known to be great at conserving heat and energy; thus, minimizing heat loss or heat absorption.

Two of the more popular metal roofing options are the standing seam metal roofs and corrugated metal roofs. While both of these materials are great options for your roof, picking out which is a better option for your property requires first determining the unique characteristics of the two roofing materials and in what conditions these each excel in.

Standing Seam Metal Roofs 

In most cooler areas in Mooresville, you’ll notice that standing seam metal roofs are becoming more popular among residential areas and for good reason. These classy-looking metal roofs are ideal in draining rainwater towards the appropriate gutter systems and can also prevent ice dams from forming during snow season. Moreover, the modern look and motif of this metal roof can also give your roof a higher aesthetic value. 

Standing seam metal roofs are also a good way of lowering the energy cost of a home since it keeps penetrative heat away during hotter climates and can retain heat in your home’s interiors during colder climates. 

Another consideration to make when it comes to metal roofs is that they shouldn’t be installed with an incredibly steep slope and should just have a pitch of at least 3/12 so that water will be redirected towards the appropriate drainage system. But don’t worry, compared to shingled and traditional roofing, metal roofs can easily dispose of water. 

Of course, this type of material is not impervious towards heavy impacts. For metal roofing that’s made out of copper or aluminum, denting can easily happen in the same way that a car can be dented and scratched when subjected to high levels of trauma. If you’re looking for roofing materials that are specifically designed to resist hailstorms, you can always contact your local roofing specialist on which metal roofing is best.

Corrugated Metal Roofs 

This type of roofing is quite common among industrial, commercial and even agricultural buildings since it’s considerably cheap and lightweight than other metal roofings that you’ll find in the market. The corrugated nature of this metal roof can increase the tensile strength and the overall durability of the material in the same way that the paper or a cardboard box has grooves to create a protective matrix. 

Just like every other metal roof in the market, corrugated metal roofs are known for being fire-resistant. This is an ideal material to be used for buildings that are in close proximity. Moreover, being able to absorb heat can also help save energy costs that would have gone towards HVAC equipment such as heating. Contrary to what most people say, having a metal roof is one the safest option if you’re also looking for protection against lightning. 

Ultimately, both of these roofing materials have many of the same advantages: being fire-resistant, easily conducting and absorbing heat, having a minimum roof pitch of at least 3/12, and being practically impervious to the effects of rain and snow. Of course, the downside to using standing seam metal roofing is that it can cost you $150 to $600 per square feet. Using corrugated metal roofs can be a cheaper option but the downside to this is that the lifespan is also more limited. 

Overall, you might be spending a lot on these types of roofings, but if you consider it as a long-term investment that you can muse for the overall lifespan of your roof. If you’re going to invest in lower quality yet affordable products, then at the end of the day, it is likely going to break or be damaged quicker; then, you’ll have to make replacements and repairs again, which can cost thousands of dollars. 

If you’re still undecided on whether you should be using a standing seam metal roof or a corrugated metal roof, we suggest seeking the advice of a professional roofing Morresville NC contractor who can offer top-of-the-line roof installation so that your roof will be done in no time.