Best Roofing Material For High Winds

Several properties in Mooresville are battered with strong winds, typhoons, and even a few hurricanes. While many homes are severely damaged and many homeowners end up emptying their pockets to cover huge costs for roof repairs and, in some cases, a full roof...

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Standing Seam Vs Corrugated Metal Roof

Standing seam and corrugated metal roofing are getting increasingly prevalent among residential, commercial, and industrial buildings in the United States since it offers a variety of different advantages while also excelling in colder and wetter climates. These roofs...

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Metal Roof Leaking At Ridge

Aside from asphalt shingles, metal roofing is one of the most prevalent roofing materials that is readily available in the market. Metal roofs are known for being almost impervious to leaks while being resistant to the different elements of the weather. However, there...

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Adding Slope To Flat Roof 

Flat roofing systems are quite commonly used on commercial buildings. The reason for this is that a flat roof provides more room for development, more space for HVAC equipment, and provides a more creative approach to designing your house or building. However, flat...

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Should You Install Metal Roofing on Flat Roof in Charlotte NC

Should You Install Metal Roofing on Flat Roof in Charlotte The use of metal materials has been a common roofing option for most commercial and industrial properties in Charlotte for a while now. Recently, other roofing options are gaining popularity as an alternative...

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The Benefits of Flat Roof Skylights for Homes in Charlotte NC

Skylights are great home fixtures that allow homeowners to create a steady source of ambient light during the day. At night, skylights can also provide a nice view of the stars. The use of skylights can greatly improve almost any room in a house. However, choosing the...

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Skylights For Corrugated Metal Roofs in Charlotte NC

One of the more energy efficient and long-lasting roofing alternatives is the use of a corrugated metal roof system. Also, it is also a low cost alternative to other common roofing systems. You can install it on top of almost any type of property, including your...

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Low Pitch Metal Roof Options by Contractor in Charlotte NC

What Are Low Slope Metal Roofs? The slope of a roof refers to the ratio of the increased height to the length covered. In other words, the more the incline, the higher the slope or pitch. The terms slope and pitch are often used interchangeably in the roofing...

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by Andrew Burt on Carolina Storm Roofing
Roof replacement

Smooth ride from the beginning to the end. Got estimates, signed the paperwork, materials were delivered in 2 days and my roof project was completed in one day. Great company. Thank you for your workmanship.

by Keith Grayson on Carolina Storm Roofing
New Gutters

As a manger of the apartment building that Carolina Storm Roofing was working on, I am truly impressed. Always available for any comments and suggestions, easy to reach and communicate with. Pros to the bone!

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